About “The Ground Marshal” Neil Melanson

Neil Melanson is military veteran having served 7 years in the US Navy as well as a retired Special Agent with the Federal Air Marshals Service. Neil is a true grappling master with over 20 years of experience in the sport of submission grappling and mma. A Hayastan blackbelt under the legendary Gokor Chivichyan and Judo Jean LeBell, Neil has been one of the foremost sought after coaches in the mma world for his deep knowledge and understanding of ground fighting as well as other areas of the sport. Neil has coached on infamous fight teams such as Xtreme Couture, Alliance MMA, and the Blackzilians. He has coached amazing fighters such as Randy Couture, Vitor Belfort, Dominick Cruz, Michael Chandler, Phil Davis, Frank Trigg, Anthony Johnson, Tywan Claxton, Volkan Oezdemir, Linton Vassell and many more.

No short of nicknames Neil has been labeled “The Ground Marshal” by Ultimate MMA Magazine, named “The Godfather of FIlth” by fighters he has coached, and called “9 Toed Neil” for the Famed ESPN article written after Neil had his toe removed.

Neil is a true educator and is committed to helping others achieve their goals and dreams in the sports of Jiu Jitsu, catch wrestling, and MMA. He also helps Law Enforcement Officers with their Defensive Tactics.  Neil has made over a dozen instructional dvd sets cover all areas of submission grappling, available at BJJFanatics.com as well as a book “Mastering Triangle Chokes” with victory belt publishing available on Amazon.com.

One of the most unique coaches with the most unique techniques and tactics. Going down the rabbit hole with Neil and his system will help take your game into a different universe and give you the results you have been dreaming to achieve.

Neil “The Ground Marshal” Melanson

Neil Literally Wrote The Book On Triangle Chokes!

In Mastering Triangle Chokes, Neil Melanson takes you deep into the grappling rabbit hole and teaches you how to apply the devastating triangle choke submission in virtually any scenario from your guard!