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Department Of Homeland Security/TSA 6/2002 - 8/2007
Civil Aviation Security Specialist (Federal Air Marshal)

Served as a covert, armed federal law enforcement agent, providing anti-hijacking capability worldwide for U.S. civil aviation. Completed extensive training in federal aviation counter-terrorism tactics: hostage survival, explosives handling, cross-culture communications, operational planning, report writing, surveillance, terrorism, surviving hostage situations and advanced close quarter combat tactics. Conduct undercover surveillance at domestic as well as international facilities and while traveling aboard U.S. air carriers to ensure passenger and aircraft safety/security. Worked as Training Instructor in areas of Defensive Measures, Aircraft Tactics, and Firearms Instruction for 2 years out of the Los Angeles Field Office. An expert marksman with a pistol. Held a Top Secret Clearance. Forced into medical retirement due to blindness in left eye.

U.S. NAVY 8/2000 - 6/2002
NAVSTA Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
Military Working Dog Handler

Perform specialized duties in law enforcement, physical security, anti terrorism operations and detection of explosives and/or illicit drugs in the military community utilizing assigned military working dog. Responsible for crowd control, civil disturbance riot control, protection of funds, civil disasters, traffic violations, combat patrol, reconnaissance patrol, intruder protection response, perimeter defense, observation and listening posts. Primary drug custodian and Team Leader of Special Response Team; work on taskings with DEA in Puerto Rico. Experienced in Scouting, building searches, attack training, drug and explosives dog training. Participated on various missions in Vieques, working closely with U.S. Marshal's Special Operations Group. Worked Drug tasking with the U.S. Customs in El Paso Texas Seizing over 3.5 Million dollars in drug seizures. Worked extensively as a K9 decoy and trainer. Responsible for the training and certifications of a kennel with 20 working dogs. Expert in the areas of K9 Patrol/Aggression training.

U.S. Navy 4/1998 - 4/2000
NAS Souda Bay Crete, Greece
Master-at-Arms-2nd Class Petty Officer

Performed supervisory and security duties aboard ships and at naval shore facilities that include crime prevention, preservation of crime scene evidence, criminal and traffic law enforcement, shore patrol, physical security, crowd control, custodial operations and other safety assignments. Conducted investigations, interrogations and apprehensions. Prepared thorough documentation such as reports and records. Team Leader of Immediate Response Team, effectively performing in high stressful environments/assignments involving anti-terrorism, force protection, ground combat defense, building clearing, flight line security, bomb threats and funds transfers, each one with $2.5 million. Provided personal protection for Admirals in region and conducted numerous vehicle inspections during high-threat conditions. Served as plainclothes investigator of communist organizations such as the KKE. Member of Riot Team during 3 riot episodes in the 1999 Kosovo crisis; performed heavy weapon transfers during the Kosovo bombing campaign. Performed various functions as Watch Commander, Field Training Officer, Dispatcher, Patrolman, Bailiff, Riot Control Team member, Monadnock PR24 and Expandable Baton Instructor, Duty Armorer and Shore Patrol.

U.S Navy 3/1996 - 4/1998
USS Detroit, USA
Electonic Warfare Operator

Trained in operating, repairing and performing maintenance on electronic warfare equipment; analyzing and evaluating received signals. Operating electronic digital analyzing and direction finding equipment; maintaining radio frequency transmissions system. Performing on maintenance warfare equipment; reading and interpreting electronic block diagrams. Assigned to high threat areas in the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf. Performed on board USS Detroit in several roles: Basic and Advanced Damage Control/Investigator, Work Center Supervisor, Countermeasures Console Operator, Ammo Handling Team Member, Mk 135/137 Launcher Team Leader, Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist and in various security watch stations

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